Video Services

Close up of a camera lens

GTCN offers a wide variety of DIGITAL MEDIA SOLUTIONS.

Our award winning team can produce and provide content for use on your websites and/or to satisfy your advertising/marketing needs.

Please note: GTCN requires the completion of the Video & Photography request form. The form’s completion does not guarantee your project will be approved or completed. Also, projects and events after regular working hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., will require special authorization.

We offer a full range of VIDEO PRODUCTION services including:


A GTCN staff member will work with you to determine if video is the proper format for your project and any copyright considerations


  • Scripting and casting; Requesting party/area may need to write a script and ideas for on-camera personnel/host/spokesperson
  • Location scouting/preparation
  • One or multi-camera shoots


  • Video editing and graphics using digital media editing systems
  • Distribution via disk and/or streaming video (including YouTube)
  • Closed captioning is required for all videos that are published on Georgia Tech social media platforms. We do not provide closed captioning services directly but can assist clients in securing the service.

Video Services

We can produce commercials, training/instructional videos, sales and marketing videos, documentaries, and information and news videos. We also can generate 30 sec to 1 minute multimedia advertisements for playback on our network or use your own content.

For examples of our commercial, corporate and other productions, see our featured videos below or visit our YouTube channel.

Eating Healthy on Campus

Dietician Amber Johnson on set

Amber Johnson, Georgia Tech Dining and Health Promotion dietician explains how to eat healthy on campus.

The Coach Series

Coach Morales is filmed by a staff member.

The Aileen Morales episode is part of a GTCN staff production series about Tech's female coaches.

Elevator Pitch

Find Land Succeed logo with photos of Michael Laughter

Part of the Find Land Succeed series this instructional video explains how to craft an elevator pitch.

Video or Photography Requests

If you are interested in creating a video or photography for your area, the following steps will help you gain a better understanding of our procedures. Pricing is based on the scope of the project. We also offer pricing packages for advertisements and videos reflecting how often and how long your production needs to be aired.

Step 1: Submit Request Form

Please submit the request at least 6-8 weeks before you need the “finished” video or photography and keep in mind any dates for events you might want to include. A video/photography request is required for all videos or photography of events including projects related to Housing areas.

Step 2: Marketing Meeting

A biweekly meeting held between GTCN and Housing staff. All requests will be reviewed at this meeting and will not go forward until the form (step 1) is approved.

Step 3: Decision, Scheduling, Costs

Should your idea/request be approved, a GTCN staff member will contact you. Since video production could take 6-8 weeks from the initial request/review process, you should plan accordingly and submit your requests early. There will be a charge for Campus Services’ units outside of Housing. GTCN will generate a quote and outline production rates.