Student Staff

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Meet the heart and soul of GTCN! They are Yellow Jackets like you who are studying to be engineers, scientists, researches, coders, architects, designers, managers, or mastering other exciting careers. Here they are our camera operators, graphic artists, reporters, hosts, editors, producers and web content and operations assistants.

Design Team

Duo-Wei Yang portrait
Duo-Wei Yang
Graphic Artist

Digital Media M.A. 2nd Year

"I like being able to practice my graphic design skills and create designs for different prompts regularly here."
Lindsey Lubin portrait
Lindsey Lubin
Animator/Graphic Artist

Computer Engineering 2nd Year

“I love how GTCN has provided me with a creative outlet that has allowed me to grow closer the Georgia Tech Community.”
Ziyi Zhang portrait
Ziyi "Chloe" Zhang
Animator/Graphic Artist

Architecture 4th Year

"GTCN provides me a great opportunity to gain new experience and express myself as an artist. I am so excited to work on creative projects at GTCN!

Production Team

Autumn M. Toms portrait
Autumn M. Toms
Weather Buzz Production Assistant

Earth & Atmospheric Science 2nd Year

"I'm so grateful that GTCN allows me to gain video editing experience and learn skills useful for my career, while being able to share my passion for weather with the Georgia Tech community!"
Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja portrait
Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja
On the Flats Production Assistant

Literature, Media, and Communication 2nd Year

“I am excited to grow in my experiences at GTCN and gain more experience in my desired career choice!”