Streaming Support

Apogee Stream2

Students living in GT residence halls can access a streaming TV lineup on their computer and personal mobile devices.

Allows you to access the streaming service on your computer and devices while on the campus network.

Provides access to a variety of channels including premium, local, and sports channels in a browser on your computer or through an App on your phone or tablet.

Supports DVR recording capabilities up to 20 hours.


Go to (We highly recommend using the Chrome browser)

Enter Georgia Institute of Technology and click Next

Apogee screenshot

You're In!

GTCN streaming site screenshot


Download the App for mobile viewing

Stream2Follow the installation and setup instructions on your iOS or Android devices

Use the App to access the streaming TV service

Get Help

Read the GTCN FAQs for questions on streaming.

If you need help connecting your devices, you can contact Apogee by calling: 833-548-0085 or at

Supported Devices

Mobile Devices: iOS 8.2 or newer, Android™ 5.xx or newer

Streaming Devices: Roku–version 8 or newer (including Roku TVs and Roku devices), Apple TV–TvOS 11.2.5 or newer, Amazon Fire TV–Android v4.03 or newer (including Amazon Fire TVs, Amazon Fire devices, and Amazon Fire sticks).

Web Browsers for MacOS® 10.11.x: Chrome 67.0.3396.62 or newer, Firefox 57.0.2 or newer (it does not function on Safari).

Web Browsers for Windows 7 or newer: IE 10.0.46 or newer, Edge 41.16299.15 or newer, Chrome 67.0.3396.62 or newer, Firefox 57.0.2 or newer (it does not function on Safari).


Residents may utilize this service by visiting or downloading the SHOWTIME ANYTIME app on your laptop, personal streaming device or smart phone/tablet. Students living in GT Housing can also access the App off campus. Follow the steps listed below to access this service.

  1. Open the SHOWTIME ANYTIME website or app and find the "LOG IN" link.
  2. Once prompted to "select your provider", select APOGEE.
    • Note: You must select “SEE ALL PROVIDERS” at the bottom of the displayed list where you will find the full catalog of participating providers.
  3. You will land at an APOGEE webpage where you will be asked to “Search for your College/University”. Type and select Georgia Institute of Technology – GA Tech. Press “Continue”.
  4. A “Log In to SHOWTIME ANYTIME” link will redirect you to use your Georgia Tech credentials to authenticate.
  5. You should now be prompted to create a SHOWTIME ANYTIME account. This account is not tied to Georgia Tech so you can use any user name and email you see fit.