Posters of the August 2018 movies playing on GTCN

The GTCN in-house channels (2.2 and 2.3) present more than 20 films every month. Monthly line-ups feature something for all tastes: recently-released blockbusters, foreign language films, Hollywood classics, fine arts/performance videos, avant-garde cinema, and informational/historical documentaries.

Movie Schedule

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This month new selections are: A Quiet Place; Annihilation; Before We Vanish; Chappaquiddick; Dance Academy: The Comeback; Every Day; Game Night; Gringo; I Dream in Another Language; Lean on Pete; Midnight Sun; Rampage; Sweet Country; The Death of Stalin; The Last Horsemen of New York; The Unknown Girl; Thoroughbreds; Tomb Raider; Wait for Your Laugh; Wonder Wheel; Youth; and Zoo.

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102 Not Out (2018)

A 102-year-old man wants to be oldest man alive, but his irritable 75-year-old son hates aging.

Beirut (2018)

Ex-diplomat returns to Beirut in 1982 to act as a hostage negotiator when a friend is kidnapped by terrorists.

Class Rank (2017)

An overachiever schemes to get her fellow high school student elected to the Board of Education.

Death Wish (2018)

Eli Roth’s reimagining of the 1974 revenge thriller "Death Wish," starring Bruce Willis.

Disobedience (2017)

An exiled woman returns to her Jewish family, inspiring her sister-in-law to question the rules.

Finding Your Feet (2017)

A woman finds herself while attending a dance class with her free-spirited sister.

First Reformed (2017)

The pastor of a small church loses control of his life after a pregnant parishioner begs for help.

Hotel Artemis (2018)

American dystopian high-octane action-thriller set in a members-only hospital for criminals.

Journey's End (2017)

An intelligent, meticulously crafted drama about British soldiers in the trenches of World War I – Godfrey Cheshire

Little Pink House (2017)

A woman leads a legal battle against local government when it attempts to use eminent domain to sell her property to a company.

Monster Hunt 2 (2018)

A lonely monster goes on the lam when a malevolent ruler offers a large reward for his capture.

Ready Player One (2018)

In a dystopian future a poor teen competes in a contest to win control of a virtual-reality world called the OASIS.

Show Me Your Love (2016)

An estranged mother and son seek love and reconciliation in the final days of her life.

The Insult (2017)

In Beirut, a few between a Christian and a Palestinian leads to a court case that soon threatens to open up fissures within Lebanon.

Traffik (2018)

A couple's romantic weekend in the mountains takes a turn for the worse when a violent biker gang invade the peaceful countryside.

Unsane (2018)

A woman haunted by visions of her stalker is committed to a mental institution against her will.

Vampire Cleanup Department (2017)

A new member of a special task force that hunts vampires finds himself in a predicament when he falls in love with a lady vampire.

You Were Never Really Here (2017)

A brutal veteran who finds kidnapped girls uncovers a sinister truth that could end in his death..