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Our talented and hard working GTCN student assistants have gone on to successful careers after graduation. Here you will learn what some of our past directors, writers, editors and hosts are doing today. If you are a former GTCN student staff, drop us a line! We will be honored to share your achievements on our Alumni page.​


Andrea Preininger photo
Andrea (Preininger) Witta
Andrea was a producer and host of "Tech Trax", a show similar to MTV's "TRL". She was also talent on the 2009 Auxiliary Services New-Hire Orientation DVD. Previously a marketing and communications manager for The Woodruff Arts Center, Andrea is now a Sr. Consultant at BeautyCounter.
Photo of Andrés Cofré
Andrés Cofré
Andres was the producer, editor and cameraman for the award winner show “The Club” from 2011 till 2014. Previously a product development engineer at Pelican Wire Company, Inc. he currently works as a staff engineer at W.J. Johnson & Associates.
Austin Gasaway photo
Austin Gasaway
Austin was part of our team from 2010 till 2014. He primarily made the show intros, but he also coordinated live productions, did camerawork and designed parts of the GTCN 2014 redesigned website. After graduation he worked as a marketing intern at Georgia Tech Conference Services. He's currently freelancing as a graphic designer and videographer.
Brad Tucker photo
Brad Tucker
Brad created station I.D.'s, campus advertisements, sports updates as well as short films and music videos (2005-06). He is currently a system consultant for Kaiser Permanente at Apple Pasadena, California. He is also a writer and director for commercials and feature development at Apparent Motion Pictures.
Brandon Montgomery photo
Brandon Montgomery
As a student assistant Brandon was the producer and director for various GTCN video productions. Presently he is a film and video director who works as a production director at Woodstock City Church. He also owns Homepark Productions which is a small film production house that specializes in digital media.
Chelsea Chong photo
Chelsea Chong
Chelsea was our graphic and Web designer from 2014 till 2015. After graduation she went on to work as a junior associate user experience designer for SapientNitro in Arlington, VA. She's currently a senior user experience designer at Publicis Sapient in Washington D.C.
Corrie (Navarro) Duckworth photo
Corrie (Navarro) Duckworth
Corrie was a producer of pop-up music videos and commercials for various campus organizations. She also created and maintained relationships with donors to execute different promotional events and giveaways. She has worked as a promotions writer and producer for TNT original series & acquired movies like "I Am Legend".
Dan Bowman photo
Dan Bowman
From 2010 till his graduation from Tech in 2014 Dan was the producer, cameraman and editor for three of our in-house productions. He also hosted some “On the Flats” episodes. He currently works as an associate engineer at Delta |v| Forensic Engineering.
Dhaval Mehta photo
Dhaval Mehta
Dhaval was our official cameraman for Georgia Tech Student Government Association meetings. He currently lives in California where he is pursuing a career in hardware development, design and verification.
Douglas Cain photo
Douglas Cain
Doug was the writer, lead anchor, and producer of "On the Flats” from 206 till 2008. He received six Telly Awards for the show’s achievements. He worked as a process management lead at Veritiv. Now, he works as a project sourcing and procurement manager at Georgia-Pacific LLC.
Hitesh Upadhyay photo
Hitesh Upadhyay
Hitesh was a master control assistant and co-host of "2 Live Crew Movie Review" program for the GTCN student show, "The Buzz". He also created computer-animated television advertisements to attract campus sponsorships. At present time Hitesh is responsible for the overall Asia-Pacific sales and geo expansion of The Weather Company, a recent IBM acquisition.
Jack Tang photo
Jack Tang
Jack worked at GTCN from 2009 till 2011 and contributed to such shows as "Ramblin' Research” as an interviewer, editor and production assistant. He's currently a product designer at Lyft. His past projects include web, mobile, and multi-channel experiences spanning across multiple industries including Google and LinkedIn.
Joe Adams photo
Joe Adams
Joe directed, edited, wrote, and produced numerous student shows while at GTCN (2010-12). He has worked as an application engineer at Theia LLC, and a mechanical engineer at Giovanetti Shulman & Associates. He's currently an associate engineer at Delaware River Port Authority.
Joe Lepore photo
Joe Lepore
Joe was the creator, writer, director, producer and star of "Tech Shorts", a short film series about three students encountering bizarre situations at Georgia Tech. Since his graduation Joe has been working as an accountant in Atlanta, GA.
Karmelia Elliot photo
Karmelia Elliot
Karmelia worked as a camera operator for nightly Student Government Association meetings from 2011 till 2012. She was a product operations manager for LiveRamp, and a solutions engineer at Flexport. Kamelia now works at Twitter as a partner engineer.
Katherine Hamblin photo
Katherine Hamblin
Katherine was a story writer, camera operator, and student producer during her time at GTCN (2008-11). She also worked on multimedia advertisements. At this time she’s at the service operations division of Pardot creating processes and helping implementing data driven service engagements.
Katherine Marchand photo
Katherine Marchand
Katherine was an anchor, writer and producer for "Ramblin Research" till her graduation at Tech in 2015. Previously a TV reporter for News Channel 9 (ABC) in Chattanooga, Tennessee she now works for ABC13 in Houston, Texas.
Katie Rousseau photo
Katie Rousseau
Katie was the host and producer of “Catch the Buzz” (2012-14.) Before being promoted to manager of Label Operations, Alternative Distribution Alliance a division of Warner Music Group located at Los Angeles, California, she was their emerging talent associate.
Kelly Stiegel photo
Kelly Stiegel
Kelly worked as a sports reporter for the GT football show "On the Flats" and also hosted a number of other GTCN shows. During her several years working for GTCN she added voice over work to her résumé till graduation from Tech in 2012. Currently Kelly is a orthopedic surgery resident at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas.
Luke Qin photo
Luke Qin
Luke was The Club show host and assistant producer from 2014 till he graduated from Tech with a Biochemistry degree in 2018. He now works as an Ophthalmic Technician/Scribe at Omni Eye Services of Atlanta.
Madeline Ben-Yoseph photo
Madeline Ben-Yoseph
Maddy launched "GT Secrets" a GTN original show. She designed the opening, produced, researched, hosted, wrote and edited the show from 2016 until 2017. After graduating from Tech with a Computational Media degree she accepted a position of digital consulting analyst at Accenture in Chicago, Illinois.
Mason Grant photo
Mason Grant
Mason worked in Video Production & Graphic Design from 2004 till 2007. He created an animated promo titled "GTCN Man", which was an instructional promo to educate residents on how to troubleshoot their cable TV issues. He currently is a graphic designer and consultant for AHC Media and LambdaWare Labs. He also works as a data analyst at Ticketmaster.
Matt Smith photo
Matt Smith
Matt was the host on both "The Latest Dish" and "Phat Videos" during his time at GTCN till 2001. He is now the president and founder of smithHOUSE, a creative/digital agency based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He is also a public speaker traveling around the world lecturing on subjects such as media literacy.
Melissa Nord photo
Melissa Nord
Melissa was GTCN's (201-13) resident weather enthusiast and hosted an original weather segment entitled Weather Buzz as well as the series "Whether You Know the Weather" which quizzed students on their weather related knowledge. Currently she is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist at WUSA 9 in Washington, DC.
Mike Sims photo
Mike Sims
Mike worked on a variety of GTCN’s (2010-13) programs including "What the Tech?", "Campus Myths", "On the Flats", as well as several other productions. On December 2013 Mike released “Prison Dodgers” a documentary aimed to bring about corrective behavior in the community, and education/job skills over prison. He’s currently working as a senior financial analyst at The Home Depot.
Mitch McClellan photo
Mitch McClellan
Mitch was the co-creator of "GT Spotlight" a GTCN original show that ran from 2016 till 2018. On some episodes he was also the host, the editor or the cameraman. He is currently a software engineer at AGS (American Gaming Systems).
Nam Cuong photo
Nam Cuong
Nam was the director, editor and producer for "Ramblin Research" till 2015. After graduating from Georgia Tech, he went on to pursue a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. Nam lives in California and works as a software engineer at Google. He previously was a firmware engineer at Fossil Group, Inc.
Nik Reddy photo
Nik Reddy
Nik was the lead anchor and producer of GTCN's "On the Flats" during the 2008-09 season. He currently is currently working on strategy/planning and business intelligence initiatives for Google leadership.
Nora Hansen photo
Nora Hansen
Nora was our operations and web assistant from 2015 till her graduation as a mechanical engineer in 2017. Before starting medical school at Emory University she participated in Equifax Data and Analytics Rotational Development Program.
Pranav Chandrasekhar photo
Pranav Chandrasekhar
Pranav was a Master Control Assistant and a co-host of "2 Live Crew Movie Review" for the GTCN student show, "The Buzz". Pranav also created Flash advertisements for GTCN's TechKnow Channel before graduating from Tech in 2003. He currently works as head of programmatic sales at Thomson Reuters' Consumer Media division.
Rhett Finch photo
Rhett Finch
Rhett began working at GTCN when he was a freshman at Tech. Since graduating in 2004 with an IE degree, he has pursued post-production jobs and attributes his experience with us as what launched his career in the TV and film industry. His long list of credits include "Legends of Tomorrow," "The Blacklist," "Speed Racer," and "X-Men: The Last Stand."
Sam Rickles photo
Sam Rickles
Sam was a videographer, director and editor for GTCN's "On the Flats" and "Kings of the Court" from 2008 till 2010. Credited on 10 feature films including. He was the lead/senior FX technical director for Sony Pictures Imageworks out of Vancouver, Canada. Currently, Sam is the senior FX artist at Blizzard Entertainment in California.
Sarah Gilbreath photo
Sarah Gilbreath
Sarah worked at GTCN from 2007 till 2009. She was the host and producer of "Tech Trax", host of Tech's "Going Green" series, "Live in the Heart of it All" Housing video, among others. She also was the production coordinator for "Campus Buzz", and on-call videographer, sound assistant and producer. Currently she's senior communications specialist at Legg Mason.
Shuyang Chen portrait
Shuyang Chen
Shuyang was GTCN web designer and developer from 2014 till 2016. He was part of the team who redesigned our website. His coding prowess enabled us to include special features to our site. He currently works at the corporate offices of Google as a developer programs engineer.
Sindhuja Chandrasekhar photo
Sindhuja Chandrasekhar
Sindhuja was a student producer at GTCN and was part of the "Ramblin' Research" productions team and other creative video projects. She also assisted with website designing and maintenance. At the present time Sindhuja is a senior member of the technical staff at Oracle out of California.
Sumit Pahwa photo
Sumit Pahwa
In 2005 Sumit was our master control operator where he scheduled GTCN's programming for playback. He also created Flash advertisements for GTCN's TechKnow channel. At this time he lives in Seattle working for as a product manager for Groupon.
Whitney Hagan photo
Whitney Hagan
Whitney was with GTCN from 2002 till 2005 as a production assistant working on Phat Videos and The Buzz. She has worked in both TV and film, mostly in the VFX industry. Her credits include “Furious 7”, “Exodus: Gods and Kings”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”, among others. She is now a content production specialist at Snap Inc in Santa Monica, California.
William Kao portrait
William Kao
William was our operations assistant from 2016 until 2017. During his last semester at Tech he came back to work with us as a production assistant of GTCN original show Ramblin' Research. After graduation he accepted the patent examiner in Biomedical Engineering position at the US Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia.