Student Staff

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Meet the heart and soul of GTCN! They are Yellow Jackets like you who are studying to be engineers, scientists, researches, coders, architects, designers, managers, or mastering other exciting careers. Here they are our camera operators, graphic artists, reporters, hosts, editors, producers and web content and operations assistants.

Design Team

Duo-Wei Yang portrait
Duo-Wei Yang
Graphic Artist & Operations Assistant

Computational Media 4th Year

"I'm exhausted. Thankfully I don't have to think too much when I'm doing graphic design."
Joshua Suber portrait
Joshua Suber
Video Editor/Animator

Computer Engineering 4th Year

"Creativity and Engineering should not be separate things! Through GTCN, I’m able to explore my ideas, and make my college experience a combination of both art and science."
Trinn Nguyen portrait
Trinn Nguyen
Graphic Artist Assistant

Media & Design 3rd Year

"Working at GTCN is not just a duty but a place where I can have fun and improve my creativity at the same time!"

Operations Team

Tymirra Smith portrait
Tymirra Smith
Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Industrial Design 5th Year

"I love discovering new ways to connect and engage with audiences, so I'm excited to be working here doing just that!"
William Collins portrait
William Collins
Web/Operations Assistant

Computer Science 4th Year

"I'm always looking to make someone's day just a little bit better, and my work at GTCN allows me to do that."

Production Team

Braxton O. Stokes portrait
Braxton O. Stokes
On the Flats Production Assistant

Mechanical Engineering 4th Year


"Working allows me to express creativity while also spotlighting the student athletes on Georgia Tech's campus."
Cameron Davis portrait
Cameron Davis
Ramblin' Research Production Assistant

Computer Engineering 3rd Year

Video editing is something that's always fascinated me in its ability to change our perspective on real world events. I am excited to hone my skills at GTCN and provide quality content to all of campus!
Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja portrait
Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja
On the Flats Production Assistant

Literature, Media, and Communication 2nd Year

“I am excited to grow in my experiences at GTCN and gain more experience in my desired career choice!”
Kira Couch portrait
Kira Couch
GT Secrets Production Assistant

Business Administration 3rd Year

"I'm so excited that I get to learn and experience something new at GTCN!"
Maggie Corbett portrait
Maggie Corbett
The Club Production Assistant

Industrial Engineer 4th Year

"I can't wait to bring more awareness to the amazing clubs on campus."
Philip Huynh portrait
Philip Huynh
The Club Production Assistant

Computer Science 3rd Year

"As a kid, I was born watching cable television. So working at GTCN is almost like working at a little slice of Hollywood for me!"
Reed Baca portrait
Reed Baca
SGA/RHA Camera Operator

Aerospace Engineer 4th Year

“I love that GTCN allows me to get involved on campus and give back to the GT community.”