Student Staff

Meet the heart and soul of GTCN! They are Yellow Jackets like you who are studying to be engineers, scientists, researches, coders, architects, designers, managers, or mastering other exciting careers. Here they are our camera operators, graphic artists, reporters, hosts, editors, producers and web content and operations assistants.

Design Team

Cameron Garcia
Cameron Garcia
Graphic Artist/Social Media Assistant

Computational Media 3rd  Year

"Georgia Tech has taught me to value the importance of art. Now, I am privileged to experience that through the lens of GTCN."
Duo-Wei portrait
Duo-Wei Yang
Graphic Artist

Computational Media 2nd Year

"I'm exhausted. Thankfully I don't have to think too much when I'm doing graphic design."
Sharence portrait
Sharence Solomero
Graphic Artist

Computational Media 4th Year

"I can't draw so I do graphic design."

Operations Team

Daniel's portrait
Daniel Groves
Operations Assitant

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 3rd Year

"By scheduling the channel lineups for GTCN, I get paid to satisfy my compulsion for planning!"
Emily's portrait
Emily Nguyen
Video Editor/Animator

Computational Media 3rd Year

"I like working with many different forms of media. Video is great because you get to work with both sound and visual content, while often collaborating with other creative minds along the way."
Nora's portrait
Nora Hansen
Operations & Web Assistant

Industrial Engineering / Pre-Med 4th Year

"I love getting involved on Campus by sharing GTCN with Georgia Tech Students."
Ushma's portrait
Ushma Patel
Video Editor

Business Administration 4th Year

"I have always enjoyed video editing and video productions and I can't wait for all the opportunities and the knowledge GTCN will provide!"

Production Team

Alexander photo
Alexander McIntyre
On the Flats Assistant Producer

Master of Industrial Design 2nd Year

“I love the process of putting videos together and can’t wait to craft interesting stories at GTCN!”
Alexander Wilkins
Alexander Wilkins
GT Spotlights Production Assistant

Literature, Media, and Communication 3rd Year

"I still look forward to looking forward to something at GTCN."
Emma K Eggleston
Emma K Eggleston
Production Assistant for GT Secrets

Computer Science 3rd Year

"I love video production, and I can't wait to make new content for the Yellow Jackets!"
Josh portrait
Josh Mathew
SGA Camera Operator

Industrial Engineering 3rd Year

"I'm excited to work at GTCN and to learn more about what happens behind the scenes here."
Kyle Olson photo
Kyle Olson
GT Spotlights Production Assistant

Mechanical Engineering 4th Year

“I always look forward to bringing new, original content to the Georgia Tech community.”
Luke Qin photo
Luke Qin
The Club Host & Assistant Producer

Biochemistry 4th Year

“I love being in front of the camera. It’s when showbiz comes to life. It’s what makes those numerous takes worthwhile. It’s awesome and I’m living it.”
Maddy Ben-Yoseph
Maddy Ben-Yoseph
GT Secrets Host and Assistant Producer

Computational Media 3rd Year

"On a mission to get the inside scoop of Tech's buzzin' secrets."
Maggie Corbett
Maggie Corbett
Production Assistant for The Club

Industrial Engineer 2nd Year

"I can't wait to bring more awareness to the amazing clubs on campus."
Michael Shin photo
Michael Shin
On The Flats Production Assistant

Biomedical Engineering 4th Year

"Hoping to leave an impact on campus through film making and learning as much as I can on the way."
Mitchell portrait
Mitchell McClellan
GT Spotlights Production Assistant

Computer Science 4th Year

“I enjoy producing videos and meeting awesome people along the way.”
Monica Tran
Monica Tran
Production Assistant for On the Flats

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering 3rd Year

“I love being able to use my creativity and editing skills here at GTCN. I am excited for people to enjoy the videos we create.”
Yasmin Martins photo
Yasmin Martins
The Club Production Assistant and RHA/SGA Camera Operator

Industrial Engineering 3rd Year

"I love filming SGA/RHA meetings and learning about what happens on campus. I also look forward to learning about campus organizations and producing videos dedicated to them."