Student Shows

GTCN has seen tremendous talent from their student staff throughout the years. Offering up new ideas and fresh perspective, the students have created unique and memorable shows that entertain their fellow classmates and academic professionals alike. As time passes, the talent these individuals bring remains unyielding.

While navigating this section you'll be able to enjoy a selection of clips from our current shows (On the Air), view photos of our staff in their creative process (Behind the Scenes), and take a trip down memory lane with videos of our classic shows, such as "Dr. Staff" (Video Vault).

Video Vault

Some GTCN shows might be out of sight on television, but they are certainly not out of our minds. They live on here, in the GTCN Video Vault, for visitors to watch and reminisce. For the newbies, these shows offer a look into the past of our network. Click on the images of the show title to get a taste of what these shows were all about. And if you want to see more of our "oldies" visit our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes

Our students work on a variety of productions all through each semester. We've captured some shots of them hard at work and some lighter moments between shoots. These photos certainly confirm how much we enjoy​ what we do!

Behind the Scenes Gallery