What is GTCN?
Georgia Tech Cable Network is a direct broadcast satellite system offering a customized channel line-up for the Georgia Tech campus community. GTCN supplies entertaining and educational television programs and also offers video production services.

How are movies selected each month?
The movies are chosen by GT students. Through GTCN's Cinema Select voting system, students can pick their top choices from a series of available movies. The movies with the most votes are the ones selected to play on GTCN.

What happens if I miss a movie that I really wanted to watch?
No worries. The selected movies will continue to play throughout the month at different times until new movies are chosen the following month.

What is the size limit for a TV in the Freshman Experience residence halls?
There are no size limitations for TVs that residents bring with them to the residence halls. If you are considering a large TV, please be sure to discuss that with your future roommate when that information is posted. There is a single CATV outlet in the room. If both residents would like to have their own TV, a simple 3.5 dB 2-way splitter will be needed.

I'm going to be living in a 4-person room. Does each room has a connection for Cable TV or is there only one in the living room?
Besides the jack in the living room, each room has its own jack.

Am I able to change the channel or choose a program on the Student Center TVs?
No, the Student Center controls their TVs. If you have concerns regarding the programming selection you may tell them directly by visiting the Student Center office on the third floor.

Do I need special equipment to view the HD/digital channels?
You need a television with a digital tuner, one that supports QAM 256. The QAM 256 signal is unencrypted. Also, Wreck Techs recommends using a RG-6 Quad-shield coaxial cable for best signal strength. You can buy them at Barnes & Noble in Technology Square.

If I buy an HD card for my computer in my dorm, will I be able to use it to watch HD TV?
As long as your tuner card is able to work with QAM 256 signals, you'll be fine. QAM 256 is not built in to all tuner cards, so do your research before purchasing a specific card.

How do I rescan my TV to get all the channels included in the lineup?
Wreck Techs offers detailed instructions on how to perform a channel scan on your television to pick up all the channels we offer.